Video conference

NamVision – Video Conference

Cầu truyền hình đa điểm NamVision

                             System diagram

NamVision video conference is the most efficient technology. When comparing NamVision with current technology worldwide in the same level of bandwidth, NamVision provide best quality of  image and audio with the lowest prices.


  • Solution: 480p to 4K
  • Video codecs H.264, H.265, VP9
  • Frame per second: 5fps to 30fps
  • Internet bandwidth: 128kbps to 4mbps
  • Frequency: 22050hz đến 48khz
  • Bandwidth for audio: 16kbps đến 256kbps

Outstanding features:

  • Thanks to our encoding algorthm, NamVision video conference provide sharp, smooth audio and visual tranmission.
  • Support multipoint locations for 01 conversation: limitless
  • Control system help users create only 01 audio stream. All users involving conversation consumes only 01 audio bandwidth, instead of consuming each audio bandwidth for each point of conversation.
  • NamVision video conference is recommended using on VP9 hardware for best quality and for lower consumption of bandwidth, storage.  However, users can use mobile phone or PC, or web browser to join conversation by using WebRTC to switch to NamVision.