Smart Android Camera

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Outstanding features:

  • IP camera with lower price compared with current competitors, even China cameras
  • When comparing CAM9  with current technology worldwide such as Cisco, Panasonic, HikVision, Dahua in the same level of bandwidth, CAM9 provide better quality of  image.
  • Lower consumption of bandwidth, storage
  • Having function of identify vehicle number plate, suitable for transportation surveillance.
  • Having central control system to manage a very large amount of cameras.
  • High security and access control function for users of the system
  • Can view directly on any web browser, and on mobile phone that no need any more plug in
  • Live vide streaming from cameras to control system or any mobile devices through fix internet or 3G/4G with only 1-2 seconds delay.
  • Many choices for storage: Orgininal video saving, compressed video saving, or sumary video saving with time lapse: 1 image/second – 1 image/minute.

Hệ thống camera giám sát qua Internet cố định có dây

Surveillance camera CAM9 system through cable internet



Control system


Vietnamese Police using CAM9 and NamVision video conference

Camera bắt chuyển động tốc độ cao, biển số hiện rõ ràng, có tính năng nhận dạng biển số tự động

Transportation Surveillance in Hanoi,Vietnam using CAM9, vehicle number plate identified