Introduction about Nguyen Dinh Nam

NamVision’s founder, NamND, borned in 1981 in Hanoi, Vietnam is software developer, engineer, businessman and chess player.

When Nam was 9, he learned playing chess by observering brothers and sisters playing chess. He quickly won his brothers and sisters, and then adults, even his father’s colleagues at Vietnam National University. He participated Hanoi Chess Tournament U10 for the first time and won the bronze medal.

After the Tournament, chess coach, Mr. Nguyen Minh Phuong, realized his talent and volunteerly coached Nam to be professional player. Then, Nam won many national chess prizes. In 1995, he denied to be professional chess player to focus on computing.

1994 NamND quyết tâm chuyển từ cờ vua sang lập trình

Nam was an introvert child. When he was 13, he developed his first computing game by himself to play with him by self learning through his father’s textbook. He went to Vietnam National High school for Gifted Students in mathematics and computing and won many Olympic Competition in Coding. After high school, he had direct offer from Vietnam University of Engineering and Technology without entrance exam.

Since first year of university, Nam became software freelancer for many domestic and foreign companies as well as NGOs like UNIDO, OXFAM. He started-up a project named “Routeskeeper” – an hardware & software R&D to optimize internet bandwidth. In 2008, Nam founded VNComputing startup to commercialize Routeskeeper, providing guaranteed internet bandwidth for some biggest BPOs in Vietnam.

2008 NamND nhận hướng dẫn các sinh viên thực tập tại VNC (Nguyễn Chí Thanh)

                                                      2008, his first startup named VNComputing

In 2013, Nam started second startup specialized in providing video streaming products and services based on his scientis researches about internet and video streaming. The USP is the algorithm to improve video standards, reducing the bandwidth, making streams more reliable, save bandwidth cost and storage cost. His second startup was crowd funded by nearly 30 angel investors to develop his research into commercial products: (1) TV encoder  with Set top box (Ubuntu Linux, Android, Window); (2) Surveillance camera with 4+ times saving in cost of HDD and bandwidth comparing to systems from Panasonics, HikVision, Dahua; (3) UHD Telepresence with 5 mega pixel resolution with just 2mbps connection.

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